Backup & Business Continuity
Backup & Business Continuity

Backup & Business Continuity

We know that your data needs to be protected and systems need to be maintained to assure 24/7 up-time.  Your servers are the hearts of the IT infrastructure.  If you’re like most businesses in today’s fast-paced business climate, downtime is simply not an option.  Thus, you want to know that your server’s backups are protecting your business from something as simple as failing hard drives to something as tragic as natural disasters or theft.

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Assessment

  • Do you have a convenient, automatic backup system in place to ensure that you won’t lose data if something goes wrong?
  • How often do you backup your critical data?
  • Do you check your backups to make sure data is being transferred in a non-corrupt fashion?
  • Do you have offsite backups of your critical data?
  • Do you have backups of your software offsite?
  • How well prepared are you for a disaster such as electrical outages, fire or flood?
  • Do you have a formal disaster recovery plan? Has it been tested?
  • Are your systems “inoculated” from viruses and their consequences?
  • Are your systems optimized to avoid crashes, data corruption or loss?

Fires, hurricanes, earthquakes, blackouts, and other natural and man-made disasters can keep your office doors closed. With a strong disaster recovery plan, closing your doors doesn’t have to mean closing your business. Please call us and we can set up an evaluation and help you protect your business.

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