Our Affordable Rates

Mobile Tech Support Affordable Rates

On-site Services:

  • $75.00 / Hour – This rate is for all IT Services, Repairs that are not covered under the $90.00 price range.
  • $90.00 / Hour – This rate is for all of our “high end” services.  Networking, Servers, Data Transfer, Data Recovery.

For On-Site service, we charge by the hour, with a 1-hour minimum.  If the job is completed in 30 minutes, it’s still the one hour charge. After the first hour though, it breaks down to 15-minute increments.

Additional fees:

  • $20/hour  For nights/weekends and emergency calls (meaning that we had to reschedule our appointments to open up a spot for you).
  • $10 travel for on-site service.
  • $20 parts pick-up (if applies).

Remote Services:

The fees are the same as the on-site service fees except there is only a 1/2 hour minimum and there is no travel fee. Since we don’t have to drive to you, we can often schedule your appointment quicker.

You will be billed in 15-minute increments after the 1/2 hour. This fee includes any time needed to diagnose and fix the problem.

Hosting fees:

Hosting fees vary based several items, we would be happy provide a quote based on your needs.  Give us a call and we can help figure out what hosting service is right for you. Our Hosting Services are very competitive.

We have invested in state-of-the-art hosting equipment at a premium and secure data center.  Feel free to check it out:  IO DataCenter/Phoenix

(applies to on-site service only)

Senior Discount 65 and over:  $10
Active Military Discount, id required: $10

Discount Terms and Conditions:
Discounts can not be combined or used with any other offers. Discount will be applied for the first hour of service only. ID required. Discount must be requested at the time of service. Applies to residential customers not using the computer(s) for home-based businesses. May not be used for Remote Service.

Mobile Tech Support Rates

For your convenience, we accept all major credit cards: American Express, VISA, and MasterCard.